Nina Naustdal prides herself in her eye for details not only in fashion but also in interiors. Nina Naustdal’s most recent project was her residential home in Chelsea which she designed from the ground up making sure all the finer details were perfect and worked together to produce an exquisite home with stunning features and furnishings.
Nina’s pride and joy is her bespoke walk in wardrobe made from the same wood as Bentley cars, designed in a practical and sleek layout to make sure everything fits like a puzzle. Nina has a great eye for finishing and this is evident throughout her home, ranging from solid gold taps set against rare custom black marble imported from Italy, silk wallpaper and curtains, stunning chandeliers, ornate furniture, bespoke bed’s, sculptures and vases.
Nina works one to one with her clients to make sure their taste and personality comes out in Nina Naustdal style and design.